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Potato Head Hearts Greenspan

Posted in Mainstream Media, Politics, Social Security on March 6th, 2005 by kstevens

Tim “Potato head” Russert, the hacktacular host of Meet the Press once again demonstarted his hackitude the morning in an interview with Senators Mitch McConnel (R) and Dick Durbin (D). After allowing McConnel to dodge a question on the value of Bush’s privatization plan, Russert turned his attention to the “controversial” comments of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. On Thurday, Reid had (correctly) called Alan Greenspan “one of the biggest political hacks we have in Washington.”

As Russert has demonstrated over and over again he has no knowledge of even the basic facts of a given topic and prefers instead to play pattycake with his republican guests and play elaborate games of gotcha with his democratic ones.

So, Russert refrenced the quote by Reid, noted that Reid voted against Greenpsan on 2 occasions, and turned to Dick Durbin. Russert knows that Durbin voted for Greenspan and, hoping to get Durbin to repudiate Reid’s statement, peppered Durbin with suggestive questions begging him to denounce Reid. Durbin held his ground, correctly pointing out that Greenspan has made a number of strategic blunders in the last several years (most notably in his endorsment of Bush’s tax cuts).

Frustrated, Russert pulls out the money quote by Bill Clinton praising Greenpsan’s wisdom and leadership. What Russert failed to tell Durbin, or his viewers (of course) was that the quote was from several years ago, when Clinton was president. Thankfully, Durbin recognized this and correctly pointed out that Presidents basically have to praise the fed chair for economic and political reasons.

Attempting to skewer democrats with old Clinton quotes is one of Potato Head’s favorite pastimes, and there was no way Russert was gonna pass up this chance just because of inconvenient “facts.” Thankfully, Durbin managed to aquit himself fairly well and explain the context of the quote.

The lesson, as always:
Russert is an embarrassingly clueless hack.

For more examples of Russer’s hackery, visit the Daily Howler archives.

Update: (12:30 PM) Just stumbled across a piece by Wolcott with a detailed accounting of Greenspan’s hackery and his cannonization by republicans and democrats alike.


Posted in Bush Alert!, Social Security on March 5th, 2005 by Pants Of Time

I wonder if this guy knows anything about Jeff Gannon… hmmm…


Bush finally found someone who supports his Social Security plan! No really, I swear! Of course the person is only nine years old, but Bush was so excited about this that he decided to bring him along on his Rootin’ Tootin’ Social Security tour.