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Feed Jonah Goldberg

Posted in Other Media, Politics (Opinion), The Environment on March 17th, 2005 by kstevens

The Poor Man » Feed Jonah Goldberg

The Poor Man tears Jonah apart for his ridiculous stance on DDT, and then challenges him to back up his claims:

Goldberg declined my generous offer to help alleviate the unacceptable difficulty he would face if he joined the active duty military in Iraq, (an unacceptable difficulty overcome, with no help from me, by 100,000+ Americans at this very moment.) Here’s an easier one: in order to demonstrate that this phobia about the health effects of DDT is nothing more than a liberal superstition, and save millions of lives in the Third World, please eat some DDT. DDT is illegal for use in agriculture world-wide, but it is still manufactured in large quantities by Hindustan Insecticides of India and Shenzhen Jiangshan Commerce & Industry Corp. of China, and is available for purchase in a wide variety of formulations. An enterprising fellow such as yourself would surely be able to procure a sample of these chemicals from the manufacturer – or, if import controls prove too difficult, you could probably get some from a university lab. Here’s the great part: I will personally pay for all the DDT you eat, provided you personally eat all the DDT I buy for you. So, here’s the deal: for no money, you can save untold millions of lives, simply by doing something which, as you have just finished telling the world, has no proven harmful effects, and should be used widely in agriculture.

This is an idea whose time has come. Maybe the next step would be to put Michelle Malkin in a detention camp? How about make Bush put up asbestos at his Crawford Ranch? I’m open to suggestions.

Will $5 per gallon be enough? How about $10?

Posted in Politics (Opinion), The Environment, The War in Iraq, The War on Terror on March 7th, 2005 by DoubleMan

The new national average for a gallon of gas is $1.97, though another tracking group says $2.01. Some people claim that gas prices are too high because a greedy government has instated insanely high gas taxes, and won’t give citizens their money back.

The question that the repugs refuse to answer again comes to mind. Why do we still use gasoline in our cars?

I don’t even want to start down the road of oil dependency, terrorism, war, global warming…………It’s too depressing and like all important issues, has yet to be adequately answered by the Right. I guess if you just deny science and geopolitics long enough, Americans will eventually come around to your point of view.

On the brighter side, check out Scientific American Frontiers’ recent show on Hydrogen. One scientist/entrepreneur has developed a way to store Hydrogen in solid form to make automobile use easy and safe.