One down.

George Pataki has decided not to run for reelection. I’m heartened by this. It’s only a matter of time before Mitt Romney makes a similar announcement. NY and MA have seen more than enough Repug governors. It’s time for the Governor to be representative of the voters. I can’t imagine Pataki just going into retirement.

Is he considering a higher office? Surely he can’t be considering the White House, he’s too boring and too moderate. Maybe he wants to give Hillary some competition next year? If he’s smart, he’ll follow Guiliani’s example, start a consulting firm in NYC, and make shitloads of money. That’s the pasth I hope Romney follows, he can go back to work for the raiders at Bain. Although, I doubt that’s Mitt’s plan.

It’s pretty clear that Romney plans to run in 2008, actually it’s obvious. Especially after he vetoed the emergency contraception legislation and wrote a moronic letter to the Globe to explain his reasoning. I don’t think he can come back from that stance in this state. Moderate mothers, charmed by his good looks in 2002, won’t support the man after taking such an anti-woman stance.

Kerry Healey as the Repug gubernatorial nominee would be a laugh riot, I can’t wait. Check out the links between her husband’s company (just look at all that fucking money) and the Massachusetts Repug party. Surprisingly, Beverly Farms, MA is the power center of Massachusetts Repugs. The Healeys live at 10 Curtis Point (nice huh?), her husband’s company is just down the road (the big building on the hill), the Mass GOP chairman Darrell Crate is further down the road, and Crate’s parents just moved to nearby Oak St.

The question is, how creepy can I get with Google maps?

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