Sign me up…

How much longer will I have to wait to glow green?

List of things I will do when I glow:

  • Make home-porn tapes without needing to invest in night vision for my camcorder
  • Sell all my flashlights on ebay…probably at midnight and probably without turning on any lights
  • Sneak up on Dick Cheney one night, tell him that I am the devil come to claim his soul, and hopefully give the bastard a heart attack.
  • Coolest moneyshot ever.

3 Responses to “Sign me up…”

  1. DoubleMan Says:

    In regards to the original story, will this somehow allow me to better eat bacon in the dark….alone in my room….crying?

  2. DoubleMan Says:

    Wait for it.

    Brings new meaning to Green Eggs and Ham.

    (drum and cymbal sound)

  3. Pants Of Time Says:


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